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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Weekend

Yumm Yummmm

A Visit from the Easter Dog...Marley

Easter Picnic with friends

Emmy with Fried Chicken

Bennett with fried chicken

Emmy and Bennett gathering eggs

Bennett in his Sunday best...(that includes Monkey of course)

My boys are sound asleep...the house is quiet. I, who gave up coffee for Lent ( 40 days.), have had WAY TOO MUCH in celebration/ self indulgence and cant sleep. Im contemplating Easter. The air outside is "warm and sweet" to quote Sandra McCracken. ( who is a flippin' -amazing writer) "Warm and sweet" is the way she describes the air when she meets Jesus. The earth is waking up..rising from the deep sleep of winter. Greens are growing darker, stronger.....settling into the pace of full nourishment.. sun and rain ...rain and sun....making dead things come back to life. I love that nature mimics the story too.

The story? Today we come face to face with the fact that believers...believe the story is fact. We believe that Christ rose after He died.... after His heart stopped beating and was silent for 3 days......life came again. Lungs filled with air....muscle and heart filled with blood again...and He somehow was able to transcend physical barriers...and yet He Himself was physically there... the disciples could touch and feel Him. Its so much bigger than my mind can fathom. Yet if we're talking about understanding things fully...i cant fully understand life itself. Like my son Bennett....his running around and grabbing easter eggs today...laughing and rolling around in the grass...Life is something i cant grasp....like my dad says...."life" itself is unexplainable. Its amazing. I cant put a barrier on life....maybe it can come through dead things.....it does with seeds. Seeds are dead..............

one other thing. If i truly believed He rose with all my heart, I would be living a different life. I admit that. One with much more abandon...maybe like Mother Teresa. Instead i live like a hypocrate in so many times...with my feet in both places....believing and forgetting...wondering and asking questions....and still hoping....

The hope settled deep in my heart one day and has never died. A seed planted that only He can nourish.

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carolineb said...

Your baby in the clover. His kissy face. Your words are alive.