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Monday, May 4, 2009

Come away with me

See the path
follow it until you hear the ocean louder

Ahhhh.....there it is...

walk to the water

let your toes feel the cold water....and sink into the sand as the tide ebbs and flows

Find some seashells

Pick a favorite

write to the one you love in the sand like when you were litte

There is still sand in my suitcase and other places i wont mention, my skin is burned, my legs are sore, toes have blisters from running the beach ....and memories of the weekend well up in my heart..making me smile. I LOVED the opportunity to lead worship with my friend, Kristen Odmark ( who was an amazing speaker this weekend), in Jacksonville, Fl. The women at the retreat are awesome, and have in some ways changed my life. I was blessed. I Didnt know i needed to get away....alone.....without my boys....refueling...remembering...greiving....laughing...greiving a little more the pains of life that a mother doesnt have time to stop and deal with in the rush of day. I replaced the pains and stress with the hush of wind and ocean. I needed to get away and reflect on how much i love my boys.... how blessed i am. How Thank FULL i am. Its Kevin and my 7th anniversary today..wahoo! The "i love you" in the sand is to my hubby. My wonderful best friend...anyway... I wanted to show refreshing pictures and for you to come away with me for a moment.

( Lori if you read this.......the sounds track in my head is Nora Jones " come away with me" )


carolineb said...

I can hear it.

mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

I am so happy you had such a rejuvenating time. I can't wait to hear more......xx

Lori Jones said...

Mandy, love this montage. Feel like (and sincerely wish I was) there. Perfect song!

Rebecca said...

Thank you Mandy,
I love your heart, I love the way you shared life with me. I loved being interupted. A weekend I will never forget.

Elaine Davis said...

Happy Anniversary!