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Friday, June 12, 2009

How does your Garden Grow?

I Love my Garden. I like to go outside in my backyard and grab some fresh stuff. Oh yeah...and i must mention that fresh mangoes, cilantro and lime juice ( thanks Caroline) make a great Salsa. I feel honored to have a backyard to grow things in and feel like growing a garden always teaches me things about GOD. He can make abundance from a single seed, something unique out of a thing that first appears similar to everything else; He can make things grow outside my control..and keep them alive. ( all my plants inside seem to die)...reminding me that some things are best left in His control...submitted to His plan...which is bigger than mine. I want to be submitted to a plan bigger than mine...my plans are so small.

OREGANO....like it in SO much..esp. in turkey sandwiches with honey and a little mayo

TOMATOES..... like them alot...with salt or with basil and balsalmic vinegar. My grandpa liked them for dessert with sugar on them
DILL (like it with sour cream and crackers)
PARSLEY.. My most abundant crop b/c it came back from last year and has had all this time to grow. Anybody want some???
SPINACH....good with dill, parsley, cilantro and tomatoes with some ranch dressing
CUCUMBERS....love them fresh with the dill and sour cream on bread...or made into pickles


The Musician said...

Next summer...I WILL have a garden! I will, I will, I will!!!

Reed and Kelli said...

oh my. this all looks wonderful!! kinda like your own "Farmers Market"...but "Mandy's Market." Yummm.

Basil is my favorite....i use it for Caprese Salad- my current obsession. I could {& do} eat it for days.

I planted flowers last weekend that were pretty close to dead, but after planting them in good soil, days of rain and water from my bucket....they have bloomed and are ALIVE! I recognized God in this. So encouraging. So beautiful.

seriously, will you write a book? i would read it.

love you.

mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

i want to come over for a turkey/honey/oregano sandwich, please. xx

carolineb said...

From little bitty seeds. So amazing.