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Monday, June 22, 2009


I Dont have many pictures from our vacation with my family right now...but this is one my dad took on the safari we went to. My parents took Bennett and i, my sister, niece and nephew to Callaway Gardens for a few days. Down the street they had a safari that you could feed animals treats out of the car. Bennett wont stop talking about the Elks huge tongue that he got scared of. He keeps saying " Big cow...big tonque" and then sticks his tonque out really far.
Lots of fun.


mallory said...

i really want to do this with the kids. how was is? was it really expensive. i am trying to plan a time to go sometime soon. did you guys spend the night at callaway?

Reed and Kelli said...


...where was this? I SO want to go!!


mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

this is exactly what we had back home! it was called International Wildlife Park and it was my FAVORITE!!!!
i'm glad to know it still exists. Noah will LOVE this later on. this picture is awesome, too. no wonder B was talking about this still...how fun!