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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Family Reunion

Recently my family (8 of us) packed into my mom and dad's car and drove 11 hours to Kansas City for a family reunion. It was an adventure i will never forget. My dad puts together these Olympic Games every few years for the reunions, and we feel certain this was the BEST Olympics yet. Sadly, my grandpa is no longer with us to have seen it....but we all did the Ihrig ( my maiden name) PROUD by taking home the Silver. These days were filled with yummy home-cooked meals from Grandma, preparations/building...dreaming...of games and pranks ( mostly by mom and dad beforehand), fireworks, fire flys, backyard ball-games, sharing of stories from childhood, needed sleep..and of course THE GAMES....

My wonderful grandma, Mae Ihrig, host and referee of the Family Reunion Olympic Games

About 50 family members

The Ihrig's taking Silver
Bennett and my cousin's boy Jake compete in toy truck racing
Kevin competing in a game called "tinkle-tinkle" where you try and get the tennis ball up a ramp. Boys have unfair advantage having practiced all their lives
A game called "Big Bertha"......shooting water balloons towards a FAR away mark
Kevin takes the gold in finding bubble gum amidst whipped cream and blowing a bubble first
My dad....the creator of these fine Olympic Games...hands out medals
There were many more games and fun.....paintball ( my nephew taking the gold in that), "pass the gas" ...passing a helium balloon with two sticks...etc. etc. All worthy of mentioning,,, but i wont. It was a unique way to spend a reunion.


kelli said...

oh my goodness. how AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
your dad is so sweet....and so CREATIVE!!
i love family reunions and i am so glad that you had such a memorable one this year.
these photos are great....you documented so well!

the "tinkle tinkle" game is hilarious. who made that up? the arm floaties made me laugh.


carolineb said...

Kevin shaved his head! I love it. Your little boy is growing into a bigger boy. He is beautiful.

mallory said...

i wish I was there. it looks like so much fun that I might tag along next time. love you and glad I talked to you!

mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

i love your dad. :)
fun to see photos from your trip!
we are having a great time in dallas...can't wait to get together & visit. mark did awesome, btw...thanks! love you friend...can't wait to hug your neck!

Ali O said...

oh my gosh, I love this SO much. of COURSE your clan did well - you guys can bring it. tinkle tinkle = funniest game ever.

The Musician said...

Your family is so fun! This sounds like a great adventure.

steve and randel hambrick said...

what a great idea!! you guys go all out- looks like so much fun!!

Sandy said...

I love your games. Searching for ideas and your dad was the best. Please post more ideas. Your family is so creative!!!!