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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer inspired

Inspired by the HOT weather we are having...our little blow-up pool is getting much use these days. And its best when friends come to play...esp. little friends named Noah. Here Vanessa grabs the cutest little photo evAR. Love me some Warrens.

Inspired by the blue skies i finally thought of my EP artwork. I got my dad to work his graphic magic on the idea of a plane holding a banner like you see at the beach. Dad took the idea to a new level with me holding a toy plane and making it kinda child-like. The winner for the EP name was "Come On Let's Go" ( thanks for all your suggestions....i took into account that this theme is running through my life ( thanks mojo and Sharon...). The idea of moving forward. The idea of finishing this LOOOONG project i started back in Sep. The idea of team work. I feel humbled at all the friends' encouragement, musicians, anonymous donors of $ that helped me get this done. So it fitted the season. I will send an email out soon. Its almost done .....feels so nice to almost be done


kelli said...

LOVE the EP art!!!!

....so great!

Ali O said...

oooooo, I LOVE it!!

carolineb said...

Blue eyed boy. Love the art. And you.

mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

yay!!!! i'm SO excited for you & the season ahead. "come on lets go" is perfect.

The Morginskys said...

oh its perfect! the blue skies, the playfulness....so you!!! we are proud of you friend! cant wait to hear it!!!

AnnieBlogs said...

The cover art is beautiful!!! I can't wait to hear the EP!

Love the Manns.