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Friday, August 14, 2009

Forward Movement

I would be a fool not to Praise Him ( esp. after all the promises to do so by the toilet once i felt better) now that I FEEL BETTER!!! I want to run around my ghetto neighborhood and shout..." I FEEL BETTER". i want to tell the stranger next to me at grocery..." I FEEL BETTER". It's no small thing.....its no small thing at all. to feel ok each day...its no small thing. Praise GOD who's original plan was health .......im so pissed off that there is sickness on this side of heaven...IT SUCKS!!! Still wonder if nursing is in my future. But things are forward moving......First kick felt today. We think it was a girl kick. neh. I just hope it was a healthy kick. Kevin and i were in awe. Bennett kept speaking to my tummy "Baby in there" and then speaking to his own belly saying "Baby in there too".........
And forward we go towards his first form of school in September. Mother's Day out starts so soon and off he goes to a world i cant control ( not that i could truly control the world before) ...but its weird. Here is his first back pack and lunch sack.
Forward Bennett goes with imagination.....Bennett tells his toys to go to "time out" when they misbehave and then hugs them when they come out of time out and says "i love you". He did all this on his own...mimic-ing our form of punishment. Sad and funny. He calls his friends on his toy phone regularly....and all i hear is jibber jibber jibber...NOah?....Grandpa-grandma?....jibber jibber...Emmy" "Mason" AShy" etc. etc. I remember growing up making forts with my parents out of refrigerator boxes. To carry on the grand tradition. ( thanks mom and dad) today Bennett and i made a fort out of a big box and he played for hours with such joy. Making me "drinks" and handing them out the card board window. We're having fun with him. With part of the box i made him this present he will wake up to......A cardboard guitar with yarn strings.


carolineb said...

You have awesome cardboard guitar skills. B's going to flip out.

mallory said...

you are such a good mommy and so glad you are feeling better. A girl kick huh? Can't wait to find out!

The Musician said...

I'm so glad you feel better! Praise God for wellness! It must be a girl. Wink wink. :) I love how you play with Bennett! I'm totally digging the guitar too. Cora doesn't like my guitar strings, she likes the tuners! I need to make one for her so my guitar will stay in tune. Happy week 16!

mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

you are seriously so funny. i love it. and...noah loved that amazing FORT. you failed to mention all the fort comes with...personal mail, peep hole, secret escape. um, you're good!
i love you my friend and am so happy about baby Mann. AND i'm so happy you're not sick anymore!!!! that is HARD. i feel your excitement!
we love you guys so very much! xx