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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let the celebrations begin

Life seems such a mixture of mundane and adventure...waiting and hurrying...resting and being exhausted...season's change and we are challenged to see GOD's hand in it all. I am thankful for this weekend where adventure seemed to win out. Where i could see GOD's hand obviously in wedding vows and new love....in lake water and starry skys. Kevin and i sung in a beautiful family wedding that will forever be etched in my memory, and then celebrated BIG occasions at my sisters lakehouse. Just to see water, feel it...jump in it...kayac in it...see our dog jump in it with wild abandon....see Bennett's eyes light up to catch his first fish in it was refreshing to my soul. To see my sister do yoga by the calm water...misty clouds around her....get caught in the rain with mom while kayac-ing together. To feel a new being kick wildly in my belly under starry night sky's while discussing life with dad...explore an island with Kevin..and celebrate big occasions was adventure for me these days!!! Mom and Dad are 41 years married. That is no small thing.HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU GUYS... Bennett's b-day isnt till Sep 7th but we began the celebration this weekend. It was a fun weekend i am thankful for.
Below are some snap shots
Grandpa and Bennett
See Bennnett's first fish?? He's questioning if he likes it or not
Zeal and water= HAPPY DOG

My sister and mom surround Bennett with love
Kevin finds a friend for Bennett to see
My sister shared this lovely home with us this weekend.


The Musician said...

Hooray he was born! And for other lovely celebrations and ones to come.

amy griffith said...

yay-rest! if not physical, for your soul and mind!