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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy 2 little Mann

Stop the busy day mama....stop your cleaning, stop your thoughts, your worries...stop the cooking and the laundry...stop and listen ...and remember. I stop the day to remember to praise GOD for my Bennett boy who turned two this weekend. We love him so....he's such a joy...such a gift to us. Kevin and i sang at a wedding this weekend in St. Simons, Ga....Kevin's mom, dad and sister & family came to celebrate at the beach too.....
All smiles
Mrs. Mann ( Don Don) made a cake for Bennett and cousin Shannon...who share the same b-day.
Bennett and Shannon at beach playing in the sand
My mama's boy is quickly turning into a papa's boy
Aunt Kelly, Don Don and Shannon building with my boy

Me pregnant and exhausted...( so is Bennett sleeping in stroller) on our LONG wait to catch a flight home on Stand by ( 10 hours total)....ALL WORTH IT. HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY my little MANN


The Musician said...

Happy Birthday little Mann!! I'm so glad you got some family and fun time. I hope you are well and things are going smoothly now. Can we visit soon? I'd really like to see you. Are you up for a leisurely stroll, or something faster?

The Morginskys said...

youre the only person i know that can look that good sleeping in an airport! youre adorable!
happy birthday bennett!!!

Reed and Kelli said...

HAppY * BiRThdAY sweet Bennett!!!!!!!!!

mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

So happy you had an awesome time. We can't wait to celebrate the little Mann!!!! Love y'all!

amy griffith said...

mandy, he looks SO GROWN in that 2nd picture, with his backpack!

glad yall had fun!

Whit said...

We're so excited about baby Mann!! Sorry about the morning sickness...I had it so bad - especially with Slade - TORTURE! So glad you're feeling better! We love all four of ya'll!!