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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Summer is giving up the fight

ahhhh. i can feel it. In the mornings and night...summer giving up the fight. Fall is my favorite for so many reasons....
1. Gentry's Farm: pumpkin picking, hay ride....hot chocolate.....corn maze...
2. Little cardigan sweaters on baby boys....and sweaters for me...long sleeves and jeans.
3. Cool breezes that cause color to fall off trees and gather in pools below of red, orange & yellow
4. Deep longings resurfacing.....something about the air...the wind...the smell. My heart longs for a romance that cant be filled on this earth....eternity
5. Outdoor concerts...( like tonight's LIVE ON THE GREEN....its free. MPJ, Thad Cockrill, Dave Barnes....LOVE IT.
6. Spices like...nutmeg and cinnamon
7. Camping and campfires
8. Biking

to name a few. Anything you guys love about Fall???


carolineb said...

Being cozy. I don't think I get cozy in the summer.

The Musician said...

Oh Mandy, it's like you read my mind! I love the fall for all of those reasons. Plus I get to celebrate my birthday, and you KNOW how I love a good party.