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Friday, October 30, 2009

Before Halloween

Bennett in his skeleton pajamas...eating
Bennett is OBSESSED with drums, piano...music...and ( we are proud to annouce that he loves most the band U2...) He is a little rocker these days...here is my friend Faith playing drums while he plays his piano. Last night we went to an outdoor concert and he asked for a guitar. You wish is our command, Bennett.....that will be his Christmas gift.
Here, all the pacifiers are getting ready to go to Paci Heaven. ( the trash can)...we celebrated by having a pacifier party...with balloons, a cookie, a present once he threw them away. He skipped naps for about 3 days...and nights were ROUGH! but all is getting better now.

This blog is kinda for my parents to see how Bennett is doing these days...we miss our family since we havent seen them in a while..here is an update


Kelli Trontell {Photography} said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!

....cool parent award goes to YOU!


mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

love the paci party photo! you are too funny. i love that bennett is totally into his piano now. noah is jealous...we need to find one. granted, he only loves playing your grand (funny).
love that bennett...want to squeeze him!!! let's chat this weekend. love you!