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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Walk down the street

Today i went on a long walk with my dog...it was beautiful outside. Leaves changing, air crisp and cool.... strangers calling me to remember my large pregnant belly. Yea, i know im getting bigger in pregnancy when these things occur on my walk down the street: ( im not making ANY of these comments up...these really happened.)
1. "Pregnant ageen?" You gotta stop havin babies".......
2. A person 4 houses away from me says
" Awww. Look at that cute baby bump". I realize that she can see my belly from pretty far away!
3. A man raking leaves says ( a different man from man #1) "are you pregnant AGeen? man, you have a hump on ya dont chu? ....." Then as I kindly smile and keep walking I hear him behind me say....."Wheweeee!". Its of course not that sexy "Wheweeee" call out to pretty women when men see them; its the...."abnormally large pregnant belly" call when people feel sorry for you.
4. I stop to rest for a minute fearing I wont make it home to the restroom in time....eyeing possible private spots to pee. ( Let it be known that i did not pee in someone's back yard...i made it home in time).
5. I want to punch an innocent stranger that stops at the stop sign and smiles out the window at me....".a sweet knowing smile" as she see's my belly. im thinking all the while..."What are you smiling at? This isnt some sweet thing...i havent slept for days and my hormones are making me depressed, and this being has to COME OUT OF ME in three months"

No.....in all reality i know this is a sweet time. A true miracle is going on, and the fact that i am housing and co-creating a human being is remarkable. What a gift i get to participate in. My hormones rob me of that too many times......but i know its a gift. People just shock me with what they say sometimes.......


Lora said...

i know what you mean! i've gotten all sorts of comments throughout my past four pregnancies. you're beautiful!! lora

The Musician said...

What was with the pregnant ageen comments?! It's not like you are popping out babies right and left here. You are fabulous!!!

carolineb said...

People are igmoes. And I want to see pictures of you pregnant again. Because, dang girl. You are adorable.

mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

i was HUGE @ about 10 mths. i was @ the airport standing at the security check point waiting to walk through, get scanned & hand over my boarding pass to the security guy. he motioned to me saying, "come on through, chunky monkey!"

that should make you feel better. at least just a little. :)

and p.s. you are SO stinkin cute right now. i know oh-so-uncomfortable but adorable.