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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No new baby for us yet...but Happy Birthday Noah

Ug these two are SO cute...esp. in matching robot shirts
Happy B-day Noah

Vanessa, Noah and Mark

I realized that if i titled this post "Happy Birthday Noah" some people would assume i had the new baby and named him Noah......ha ha. Here are a few pics of our dear friends ( and bennett's) little Noah turning 2 years old. Vanessa snapped some awesome pics. ( As always). Bennett and Noah went to the Science Museum and had a grand time celebrating...We came home and ate pizza and had Gigi's yummy cupcakes....great day in the middle of this waiting for baby #2. We are thankful. Happy 2nd birthday Noah Bean.

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mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

Well, we can't wait for the *new* baby. I'm on pins & needles! So that must mean you are on...??? ;)
We LOVED celebrating Noah with our favorites. I love our baby boys. They're so precious! You guys are a blessing...truly-truly thankful for each one of you.
Love you mucho. xx