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Monday, May 3, 2010

And the rains came down

Bennett and i splash around in our yard "pool"

Uprooting happening everywhere ( this tree was down the street)

This is Shelby park...the lake flooded over bennett's swing set we go to...


flooding up to our stadium

large debris floating down Cumberland river

train tracks fade into water

1st Ave buildings 1/2 way under water

waters up to the door knob

This is a gas station underwater and it smells like gas down town


vanessa said...

So glad you guys & your house are fine! Great photos. xx

mallory said...

i am amazed at what the rain has done to beautiful nashville. so thankful you are okay! I love that you and Bennett are smiling in your "yard pool". Praying for your city! love you@

steve and randel hambrick said...