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Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mommy's Day Weekend

My sister, Amy, pushing mom in the MS walk... the whole family walked Saturday in efforts to help fight against MS and support mama in her personal fight
Dad, Mom, Amy, Scott, Mason, Ashyln, Kevin, Me, bennett and Amos...all walked the 3 miles for mama in Marietta, Ga..
A yummy Mother's Day breakfast all together at Goldbergs
Kevin and i celebrated our 8th Anniversary with dinner in Atlanta at Pitty Pat's Porch ( our first date)

Bennett's Mother's Day gifts to me....He kept saying "Happy Birthday mommy" as he handed me a leaf, flower, stick..etc.....

A season of Motherhood.....old memories mixing with new
Memories of my mommy...then and now
Loveliness always covers her ...thoughtfulness....beauty...
In midst of struggles she is graceful and optimistic
I remember when i would call her name most of my day..
she and daddy were my world...i was their little girl,
...i will always be...
I cry for mommy still.....she is a phone call away...
a rock ....a stronghold in my heart....
Days can go by...i dont tell her enough..
that i love her.
She teaches me to be a better mommy...
Now...that i am one..
now that my little ones call my name all day....with words and coos..
Each boy carving unique places into my heart...caverns deep
here to stay...my love for them...and my love for her....

1 comment:

vanessa said...

such heartfelt words, sweet friend. your love for both your mother & boys is so evident always.
i'm so happy you had a great time with your family...i love all the smiles. oh & the presents from B!