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Saturday, December 18, 2010

A serenade to a sick mama.

Well...we had just settled down for a long winters nap when it all began. The snow falling, our Christmas lights sparkling, night upon us and sleep awaiting. All was joyous....harmony and order in our household until Bennett threw up! There i was with a pot in hand holding it for my little boy as his little body did all it could to get out the evil stomach bug. Poor guy. My mama heart burned with jealousy over him. i wanted to fight for him. i wanted to kick the stomach bugs a--.
Until it kicked mine of course! Just when Bennett felt better and the weekend held promise: A girls dinner for me, a wedding, grandma and grandpa coming in town....Christmas lights twinkling...harmony and order back in the household. until i threw up.......ah oh! mama is down for the count. It's odd to hear my household go on around me while i'm laid up in bed. i probably would've enjoyed not having to change diapers and attend crying children if i felt better. The aching and shivers made me long for bed ALL DAY. i couldn't do anything. Isn't the stomach bug terrible? ( terrible is Bennett's new favorite word by the way). Kevin was AMAZING at holding the fort down and helping me. I love my man! I was SO sad to miss my girl's dinner, the wedding, and the fact that Grandma and grandpa couldn't come up now. I felt lonely when Kevin went out the door to attend the wedding. But alas, not all was bad.. My friend kellie Lutito ROCKS! She brought soup to my door...thus helping my loneliness and tummy ache. THANKS KELLIE. Two sweet boys make me laugh alot too. Amos is walking now. He can take 8 or more steps and when he does claps for himself. It's HILARIOUS! Now our whole household claps when he walks. It's sweet to hear Bennett yell to me.."mommy Amos is walking" and to hear them both clapping after. Well, as mama laid in bed there was an impromptu serenade which is here for your viewing pleasure. Kevin aided by getting Bennett on the drums...(give it a second and check out his mad drum skills when he gets in the groove) and check out Amos' dance moves. Its enough to make a sick mama feel better. Enjoy!....


mallory said...

Love it...He is so good. I think it is hilarious that the drum set is right next to your bed. You are a much nicer mommy than me!
I hope you are better and I can't believe how adorable and chunky amos is....Merry Christmas!
also, thank you so much for the donation Mandy! You are so sweet.! Tell Kevin thanks too. That means a lot to us!

Kellie Lutito said...

So glad you're feeling better girl. LOVE this video of the boys. Bennett is such a talented little drummer and I love watching Amos dance. Such cutie pies! That would make any sick momma beam with JOY! You have much to be thankful for!