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Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Fever

The air is warm and fragrant and the earth is glowing green.Colors awake loud from the earth. AHHHH! Let winter fall away like a heavy garment slipping off...its too warm to wear it now. Awake my sleepy soul! You've been cold and bundled up so long. Do you remember how to to play? Come outside and see the colors beckoning. Hear the thunder roar in the distance like an old man clearing his throat. Pitter Patter pitter patter rain...sunshine calls forth life again. My thumbs are green planting seeds... fragile growing things up from soil. Oh tiny seeds!, I always learn from you and how you grow beyond expectation. Cilantro, Thyme, Parsley, Chives, oregano, basil..and strawberries and blackberries.
My hands are dirty with the soil. I feel free here to be messy and me, but my heart is heavy with new weight...even as the red bird flies so weightlessly in the sky. I am not weightless. I'm anchored deep this week with the weight of the world.
Japan and the quake that shook and took life leaving massive heartbreak behind.i feel the waves reach the corners of my heart..
While i plant my little garden and tend to my little sheep. But, how do i care for the weight of the world when my load seems so heavy to bear? at least this week? Bennett got a virus that will not relent. 10 days with fever and I'm like a wolf, searching for the cure....i sniff and prowl and visit the doctor, x-ray at hospital...buy new thermometer, inside on these sun-shiny days, missing our friends.."he must stay away", medicine, and closing walls.. How can mama make it go away? oh! spring and Fever filled week.


mallory said...

I hope Bennett is better...we are struggling with a virus here too!
Love your Owl planter....it is so YOU!

Joanne said...

How hard it is to be the mother of a sick child...especially a small one. I wish I had a friend like you when I was a young mom because you write the words that were in my mind...but unformed: sniffing and prowling, searching for a cure! Your words always move me and I feel your heart for Japan. But the Spring reminds us that someday all will be made right, resurrection. No more sick little children, no more devastating earthquakes! Always spring. Life eternal. Still, for now, we struggle. Thankfully, God keeps us from despairing....but sometimes, just barely, don't you think. I love to read your words!

Thesupermanns said...

yes. Joanne....spring is a beautiful reminder and i like how you say He keeps us from despairing.. but sometimes JUST BARELY...yep. well said.

Kara said...

Did you take all of these pictures? Amazing. You could teach me a thing or two about photography. So happy to know about your blog! Digging in for the long read now:)

Kellie Lutito said...

These pictures are amazing Mandy! You are getting soooo good with that camera of yours :) I am also SO happy Spring is HERE! I hope Bennett starts to feel better this week. Sweet boy. I know you want to make it go away fast!