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Sunday, April 10, 2011

15 Reasons i love this Spring

1. Amos in summer shorts! Proof of a loving GOD...GOOD LAWD..those chubby thighs are amazing.
2. Kevin in summer shorts...... handsome fellow.
3. Mommy in summer shorts prompting Bennett to ask why my legs are "so scratchy". ( because i dont have time to shave often)
4. Bennett and Amos trading summer shorts because they wear the same size!
5. Baseball with our boys in the backyard and Amos' little one year old voice yelling ....."BAWL!".....BAAAWL"over and over again.
6. Bennett hitting left handed and hitting the ball WELL. He no longer puts the ball ON HIS actual EYE when we tell him to "keep his eye on the ball".
7. Walks with two active boys contained in one stroller. Mama gets them all to herself and the world is quiet for a while.
8. Seeds planted and boys full of dirt.
9. bath times that can clean the dirt...
10.Naked boys after bath running around the house unashamed and laughing.
11. Amos coming up to mommy and grabbing my hand and saying "out" to go outside
12. Fresh fruit in sticky hands..
13. New wonder in little eyes....
14. Discovering that Bennett loves thunderstorms just as much as me. "OH BOY mom...the lightning covers my WHOLE window...im gonna watch it all night!"
15. Discovering Amos may not like thunderstorms as much and wants to cuddle in my arms during the loud noises.


Ali O said...

love this list. it was good seeing your face for 0.5 seconds today...next time I want it to be longer :) love you, friend!

Joanne said...

You are such a sweet mommy.

The Morginskys said...

friend! wish we could go on walks together!!! xoxo