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Friday, June 10, 2011

Creative Endevours

Making cucumber lemonade....: simple syrup. Equal parts sugar and water melted..2 cups and 2 cups of fresh squeezed lemons. Gut the cucumber and cut it up..mix it all together. put in fridge. The cucumbers taste like dill pickles after it sits in the lemon-sugar water for a day. wah-la!

inspired by my friend Kellie Lutito's shower..ive been folding books and hanging them above our bed

Making new curtains in our bedroom

Making a Tee Pee for Bennett and Amos to play in from fallen branches from the storm and burlap coffee bags that Bongo Java will give to you for a small donation if you ask

Taking a creative class called "Jolt" taught by my friends Vanessa Warren and Kelli Trontell. It focused a lot on photography so below are some pics ive been taking.

Me sandwiched between the great Kelli and Vanessa

My banjo got featured in the shoot. More action than its seen in years.

Sweet Amos in the pool

Our boys

One of the models for the day that i took photos of...and she is an amazing photographer herself: Allister Ann


kierstin said...

love all of these! you truly inspire me. :)
so good seeing you this morning...made me want more time to visit. soon, please.

The Morginskys said...

whoa. impressive.can you give a tutorial on the book thing? cant wait to hug your neck tomorrow!!! xo