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Sunday, June 19, 2011

To Dad who hangs the moon

I’ve passed up card after card in the Father’s Day section at stores. Those Hallmark moments aren’t good enough. My dad is not the stereotypical hallmark card golfing, beer drinking, chair sitting, channel surfing, car hound, type of father and so, I’ve left empty handed more than once. He is better than all those cards to me. I would rather buy him the moon please!!
The moon. Dad always reached for that. He still reaches for it. That is who he is. A dreamer…a lover. It seemed, as my sister and I grew up ,that he reached for the moon for our family. We knew it and so he “hung the moon” in our eyes. He would reach high into the sky grabbing until something wonderful came down for us.: ….a boat on the lake, a stop on a long drive to Kansas to let us run the open fields, a coke in hand for a smile, his very present presence… playing with us like he was a kid himself, a trip to the ocean full of critter searches and late talks under starry skies , hours building floats for the homecoming parades, a much needed joke, squba diving lessons..showing us there is more than the surface of what we normally see, assurances that girls can amount to anything boys can, fly fishing graduation trip, grand canyon hiking, ……well anyway, he always thought out of the box..beyond .. and loved well, He still does, And now I see these wonderful qualities shining through my children’s eyes as they see him and get to know my dad…their “grandpa. “
So here I write a few words for DAD since I couldn’t find what I wanted to say at the Hallmark store..….here is a tiny sliver of celebration. ….a place to tell him that I love him. We all love him. Happy Father’s Day to a man who hangs the moon!!!

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