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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Symphony

This is my attempt at capturing the glowing green at dusk.

i can hear summer outside the screen door. The crickets hushing the day to sleep with a rhythmic lullaby...the melody of little kids voices playing sweetly like a distant song. Like an old record on repeat, i recognize this sound. Up and down the volume goes..the distant laughter comes and flows into my ear.....tickling the heart to remember that life isn't always as hard as the summer heat feels. ahhhh. yes....the crickets slowly chant rhythm into this sweet-thick- molasses air, the birds chirp out and summon the dark. I stop work when this symphony begins..and remember now that it's a nice way to end the summer day. The summer heat squeezing sweet smell out of all living things....filling up the air so sweetly hovering outside to remind me i'm alive and its a gift. I can see the little light flickering bugs around the glowing grass. All things aglow tonight...all wrongs of the day made right..to the sound of this summer symphony.

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