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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Conversations with Bennett

Conversation # 1
Bennett:" mom, i dont like Amos.
Me: " You like Amos, you just don't like when he takes your toys or having to share your toys with him."
Bennett: " Can you take him back?"

Conversation # 2
( while in the car getting off a turnpike)

Bennett: "wow, that was fast, just like daddy takes us round and round. see mom?
( he keeps asking me till i look in the rear view mirror...and i see that he slides from one side of his car seat to the other really fast)
Me:" yes, Bennett,that's what we call a sharp turn"
Bennett: " Does it mean that we will run into something sharp?"
Me: " i certainly hope not."

( this boy makes the funniest faces...)

Conversation # 3

Bennett:" Mom, i really want to ride a train. How much money do we need to ride a train?
Me: " i don't know Bennett, but i will do some research and figure it out."
Bennett: " i know...i think it is 100's and then equals 7:30!"
Me: " wow, 7:30 is a lot of money huh? "
Bennett:"yes, and i think we should ride the real Thomas the Train. We will know which one he is because he will be the one that can talk."

Bennett eating a popsicle with Amos
Bennett is going through a growth spurt and is hungry EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY..i wasnt sure if he was just bored until he told me in a whiny voice.." mom, i am so hungry..i can't even stand. I am so hungry i could eat a whole dinosaur!"

Conversation #4

Bennett: "Mommy, i want another baby"
Me: " Do you mean that you want mommy to have another baby?"
Bennett: "Yes, so grandma and grandpa, Don Don and T.B can come and take care of me while you and daddy go to the hospital for a few days"
Me: "What if mommy and daddy go somewhere to sing for a few days and grandpa and grandma come to visit...would that be ok instead of another baby? Plus, if we had another baby, it would grow up and want to play with your toys?"
Bennett: " i dont want another baby...i don't want Amos either"

This is Grandpa in the Center with Bennett and my neice Ashlyn. Bennett adores him.

Conversation #5 With Grandpa
Bennett: " Grandpa, you are old and i am new"


Joanne said...

LOVE the conversations! Is there anything more revealing,more innocent or transparent than a small child trying to express himself honestly and without reservation.

Ariana said...

I love that B. And I know a great way to take him on a train ride that only costs $7. :) Ask me sometime. We can do it together. It's not Thomas though.