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Friday, November 9, 2012

Beautiful in it's time...

The trees are screaming beauty now in red, orange, and yellow hues. i grab my camera, compelled to preserve ...compelled to stop the beauty before decay . I am reminded that "He makes all things beautiful in their time". I am reminded how fleeting beauty is.... and yet, i suppose it fades quiet for a season.  Naked, exposed, and bare boned for winter.  He has a plan with fading beauty.  But for now,  the color is waking my soul. I feel vibrant as the red i see. I can barely wait to capture this  color. This vibrant, painful beauty.  It falls golden on the ground, and I rake it into piles. My boys jump in. i put some in a vase at home. We gather the brightest ones. I take more pictures. Like embers in the wind...floating away, the orange shedding is beautiful. Each tree unique. I think my favorite is yellow this year.  Some trees linger green..waiting for  their time...giving me hope that this will continue a while longer...before the winter comes.  

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