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Friday, November 30, 2012

To play or not, that is the question.

The boys play hard, while i clean hard. They play some form of "angry bird star wars" reenactment and laugh a lot. I think to myself  " i dont laugh so much anymore". Then i think;  "its' nice the boys play so well together these days". Just then, Amos comes crying for a kiss on his hurt cheek, while bennett promptly tells on him so as not to get in trouble. I am in the kitchen in bleaching clothes mopping and worrying about my to do list. The day is passing inside while the sun is warming the yard so nicely. Darn, i swore i'd get us outside more today..... in this rare warm winter weather. But, its hard to stop this rhythm. My house whispers "to- do- lists" in my head all day long. I mop and think to myself more, as the boys giggle and play....

"I think i forgot how to play."

I think somehow, in the rush of days, the demands from needy children, bills and dirty floors, amidst the self created"to-do-lists" and the worries of the world...... i forgot how to play. What do i even enjoy doing anymore? mopping?

i mop and think......i think and mop. I tell the boys to stop wrestling. Bennett runs in and asks if he can play on my phone....but it's dead. He charges it for me and says "it will be ready in 3 years mama..since its been dead so many days"  But it's been an hour. An hour of cleaning.

Amos runs in with a play bow and arrow asking me for the "error" ...i correct him and say "arrow".

All they want to do is play, then play, then eat, then play again.

How did i loose this drive to play all day?

I am typing now,....attempting to stop the flow of this day...

To play or not to play, that is the question?

I quess i'll take the boys outside. I can hear the tension building amidst my boys anyway. The friendly play will turn to war soon.  i remember the poem about how "The dishes can wait".....

i am gonna actually attempt to play with them, and i'm telling you this now so i'll be held "blog" accountable when i step outside and see the pile of leaves that need to be raked.

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