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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Things that make me smile


                                         My boys and their comments make me smile!

Amos means to say  "When i was born".......but what comes out of his mouth is  "When i was boring". So tonight at dinner he said "When i was boring...i didn't even know how to talk"...

 I told Bennett the other day that we had to wait  "in the meantime" ...and he replied. " Why is time mean?"

 Tonight at dinner Bennett got angry at Amos interrupting his story telling...and he said "Gosh Amos! You always want ALL THE TENSION" ( he meant "attention" and he is right, Amos always wants all the attention).

                                                             Visiting my grandma!

                                                      Snow in Kansas City....7 inches

Seeing my boys play in REAL snow made me smile!

Taking Bennett on a date and seeing him "dress up" for me !
( He dressed himself in sweatpants, a nice vest, with his favorite green shirt under it all)

Seeing clouds that  look like Easter bunny ears around Easter time!

Easter pictures and capturing Amos' true feelings about getting his picture taken.

Remembering our 10th anniversary in Cancun! Wishing we could go there again...

Watching the boys wrestle in open green fields!

and then there are some things that have no picture:

Sunshine warming my skin after a long winter

Pink Japanese Cherry Blossom trees

A little boy recovering from pnemonia

Watching a movie snuggled next to Kevin

A good cry when the the world is not right 

Seeing Kevin install a new car radio after ours was stolen ( which is no small task...this man can fix anything!)

Having time to blog

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Sharon said...

i miss you and your beautiful smile!!! xoxo