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Sunday, January 3, 2016

The little things lifting me

My old enemy visits again. Ringing in the new year with the weight pushing me below. I can't rise above the deep sad. I wade through the dark water floating free and weightless like a ghost. I feel nothing at times. Sometimes the water wells up and pours down.  Cool streams down my face releasing deep sad.....why do i get this way sometimes? God remains faithful and close amidst..I begin to appreciate details and little things. i don't know why He allows this suffering? I swim through the sadness..reaching forward with tired hands...
cleaning, cooking, putting things away, putting order to the chaos, giving space and quiet for the pain. Here i find the small things and grow slowly thankful again. Little by little ...small praise by praise ..the little things are lifting me....

                     ( delicate silver ring..reminding me of grandma and delicious red strawberries in middle    
                                                     of bland winter...It's seed pattern is perfect)

1 comment:

Tyler said...

I understand. I feel the same way at times. Many times.