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Monday, August 8, 2016

One day

One day there won't be legos underfoot
kicked to every corner of the house awaiting the mouth of my tired vacuum
There won't be "trash heap" forts invading our couches or stuffed animals staring at me with their pleading plastic eyes to be rescued from little boy adventures.
There won't always be little voices yelling "MOM " or announcing they are "STARVING" 10 min. after lunch..
There won't always be the manic ebb and flow-the tumultuous growing boy waters: calm to caos , laughs to tears,  brothers to mortal enemies...requiring my mother authority to calm the waters...
My car won't forever hide toys under seats, with windows forever displaying sticky food fingerprints
I won't always be a cowgirl wrangling the wild colts to bed each night

The rooms are loud with life.. and these boys surround and live and play
Coloring my days a million shades of mostly yellow, gold

These days, that feel like forever, are but passing glances out the, now sticky fingerprinted window of this car I'm riding in.
I want to stop and inhale it all in, (  the dirty unbathed kid smell, the sweet sweaty hair under the baseball helmet , the chlorine headed monster...) and hold on tighter to them...look them in the eye longer, listen fuller and HEAR, not just nod my head as i check my instagram page..
i don't wanna yell so much because they are interrupting MY space and time.

I will one days long for my time and space to be interrupted by them.....its a gift and today i need to remember.....

( Says the hypocritical mom that literally just yelled at them to stop wrestling and get back to homework!)

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