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Monday, May 1, 2017

Slow and Steady onward

All the pebbles beneath me..the color is dazzling my eyes away from the open beauty of the journey. When i get tired and hang my head, i let them slow me down and quiet me to a lull...they are rough below me, an- aching reoccurrence of life stones and lessons and worries. i make my way. onward. Others go around me..faster. Sometimes i sigh a deep sad sigh..as they seem more prone to success and BIG-NESS and GRANDURE! Their stories are "taller" and "weightier". I feel mine could float away with the surrounding wind.  But in that hush and deep sighing...The Greater Story wins...In the end all stories float away except The One Great Story!.... and here, my small story joins in harmony...slowly and steadily the drum beat pounding inside pushes me towards that open Beauty. 

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