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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Braggin' on my Mann

"Let another praise you and not your own mouth...someone else and not your own lips"....well....here go my lips praising my Mann. You wont ever see Kevin doing it. He is so humble. He just accepted a full time position at our church; Midtown Fellowship as Worship Director..(or the title is still being worked out) b/c it holds so many different jobs....jobs that i think use Kevin's qualities; organization, team playing ( when its something he really believes in), playing music..leading music..teaching music... loving music, loving people, loving serving, brainstorming and putting it into action. etc etc. This makes me happy b/c i think Kevin will be happy here. My Mann is now out showing houses to people for real estate right AFTER leading worship early this morning which was AFTER a long weekend of installing hardwood floors in a friend's house...just serving a friend. He loves to serve....truly loves it. My tired man will come home tonight....wrestle Bennett and give his last ounce of energy to our family. He will give more from a source that pours abundantly ALL DAY LONG. Praise to The Source of all good things...that gives Kevin abundant gifts (that need to be bragged on from time to time..sorry Kevin) and for sharing him with me in this lifetime...i am THANK FULL!!!


Reed and Kelli said...

this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
you MENN are passionate about what you believe in...and have waited patiently for an opportunity like this. i am beyond thrilled for you. God certainly provides in His perfect way and in His perfect time.

love you guys. alot.

AnnieBlogs said...

I am SO. EXCITED. Like, really. really. excited.

Not everyone gets to have Kevin as their college worship leader and Nashville worship leader. I need a t-shirt or something.

mark, vanessa and baby noah said...

Annie...you are so funny. I need to see you again. ;)
And Mandy...YAY!! You're such an incredible wife. We rejoice w/ you guys. Kevin is indeed pretty awesome. He is always SO willing to serve us (you too). Mark is ever thankful to call him friend (as am I). Love y'all!

The Morginskys said...

ugh! i am SOOO happy for you! what a perfect time for the Lord to provide this for you and how wonderful will he be at that! yahoo! love, love, love it! kevin is so wonderful...we LOVE him!

katie davis said...

it's making me laugh how tiny bennett looks next to that beautiful gigantic dog of yours. what a gorgeous family you have=)

The Musician said...

Blessings from your lips my friend! I need to be reminded to brag on my man every day. And Kevin is a great guy, with a wonderful wife. I am so glad he is going to be serving in a way that fills up his heard!

PS. When are we gonna see some 'bump' photos? ;)

The Musician said...

p.p.s. My blog roll is not updating, apparently, since you posted this on SUNDAY and it just showed up today. Booo Google homepage!

amy griffith said...

some things never change:

1. kevin's desire to serve
2. mandy's ability to encourage

love ya both!

carolineb said...

Midtown Fellowship never had it so good. Your Menn are twins! Beautiful people you are.