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Saturday, October 10, 2009


grrroaaaaar!!!! .....i cant think of any other way to describe how i feel!!! I want to squeeze and hug my son..he is so cute...but he wont let me!!! i can only say...gggrrrrroar ( in a loving way)!!! I just ran to hug him and squeeze him and he pushed me away and yelled...."IM NOT CUTE....IM BENNETT...GO AWAY MOMMY"....so i had to run here and place my adoration elsewhere.....words on white....instead of arms around my son. I feel like the aunt that runs around pinching cheeks. Sometimes a mama only has a blog to run to while the "Boys" play. Bennett is banging the drum LOUDLY in the background, dogs ears are pinned back in protest to the noise, while Daddy plays guitar with the black crows on radio. My heart feels happy ...and discontent at the same time...i just want to grab BENNETT and squeeze him, but he wont let me. GRRROARRRRR!!!

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