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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This pregnancy has been interesting to say the least. Last night i got about 3 hours of sleep, and this morning Bennett tuggs at my sleeve demanding a playmate. ( he just walked up to me and said..."Hey mommy, not talking?". Ah my little chatterbox. its so cute. And, i might add, he just came up to me and said " change my diaper mommy" hmmmm im slacking on my morning mommy duties.
I feel hightened things this morning:

I feel like i REALLY want a cinnamon roll. We're heading out the door after this blog to get one. Praise GOD!!!
I miss music alot..listening to it..singing it...being around it. Want it to come back into my life.
I miss my mom and dad and being small and taken care of.
I miss Jogging ( alone)....( cant seem to shake the thought that if i go jogging now, i will cause the cord to wrap around babies neck.)
I cant wait to see the movie "Where the Wild Things Are"....and want my birthday to quietly slide by as i watch it.
I want to sleep...but cant
I want to want Jesus today more than money......its been a struggle.
I want to stop obsessing about what i can do financially to help and rest where GOD has me in this season
I want to hold this verse closely today...

" He is not the GOD of the dead but of the Living" Matthew 22:32

I want to know He is my GOD now...and i dont have to long for heaven to meet with Him
I want to keep writing but Bennett wont let me.....
I want to travel around the world with Kevin...see Greece....see Italy.....see blue blue water ...


mallory said...

LOVE YOU, Mandy! miss you!

Kelli Trontell {Photography} said...

oh my gosh.
i love you.

your writing BLOWS MY MIND!!!!!!!!!

i tell you that everytime. sorry.

love. love. love.

The Musician said...

A squeeze for you. You and B can come to my house on Thursday and join my music hour (with the MOMS club). Kids, instruments, singing, heads, shoulders, knees, and toes, and perhaps a little red caboose! I'll have your bassinet all ready to go home with you!

steve and randel hambrick said...

SCUZE ME???!??! you're PREGO? where have i been?? i need DETAILS.

p.s. you're right. bennett is TOOOOO CUTEEEE!