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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Drum Roll Please

Bennett running from diaper change to play his drums
Bennett and his friend Sawyer at Hockey Game
Bennett and his hockey puck

Click on this link to see Bennett's drum roll action

In my head is a little tick and tock....knowing my days are numbered before i give birth to a new being. At the same time i have a two year old that beats on a drum set he got for Christmas ( really well i might add.....please view "You-tube" video and be amazed..ha ha). Seems Bennett is giving this baby a drum roll to enter this world with.........."bum bum bum bum..presenting......BABY!!!" Its surreal to feel contractions and see my belly move around and have the excitement AND FEAR of pending birth. I praise GOD for my boys and look forward to a new little one all his own. My Boys..(Kevin and Bennett) were at a hockey game tonight enjoying a date together. Kevin said Bennett got featured on the jumbo-tron, got his own hockey puck...and had the best time ever...it makes me slightly wish i was there. But tonight has been a sweet quiet "Girls night" for me. My dog Zeal and i...resting on couch watching T.V, washing tiny clothes, preparing a baby car seat...remembering, cleaning, organizing, thinking of pending snow on ground tomorrow, just me, the dog, and the tick tock in my head...the wonder of when?


AnnieBlogs said...

OK, Bennett counting off at the beginning of the video is INSANE. I'm so totally impressed.

Love y'all.

The Morginskys said...

do you have to get a c-section this time? we will pray for a wonderful birth experience!

Elaine Davis said...

That video is seriously incredible! I'm so excited for you. Praying for a sweet and safe birth!

The Musician said...

I was just thinking of this today and wondering if that new little Mann had already made an appearance and I missed it! I'm so glad you are getting you time and by the way, B is AMAZING! I realized about halfway through that he is doing the kick drum as well and is keeping an incredible beat. That child! Prayers for you for peace and rest during this tick tock time. And a sweet blessed birth to follow. Call me if you need ANYTHING!! Seriously!