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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Exploring Creeks together

Holding Hands at the beach


Look at this Handsome little Fellow in his Sunday best today. Kevin informed me i dressed Bennett in a girls shirt today at church ( which i bought in the BOYS section at the store. i guess it got misplaced and i keep forgetting the buttons go in a different direction for girls..)..so anyway, he wasnt featured in this picture here. I will give away the shirt and maybe he will never know his mama dressed him like a girl.

Getting cozy with Footy pajamas and blankies in this fall weather

I went to the library the other day with the boys. I sat down and heard a whisper from behind: a mother to her child; "yes, i do see those twins?". I looked around and realized we were the only ones in the room. i looked at my blond haired boys and saw they looked about the same height. From behind, they do look a little like twins i guess.i was shocked how it took a stranger's comment to open my eyes to brotherhood....MY boys are brothers! They will walk together, fight together, make countless farting noises together, get dirty together, play ball together, gang up on others together, Gang up on each other, wrestle together, they will have someone to turn to in this life that knows their story, they will make fun of mom and dad together, Laugh and cry together...BROTHERS! What a sweet noun...i could see it as a verb even. an action. Im gonna brother you?...guess not a verb, but you know what i mean.
Before now i could never get pictures of them together. But lately, Amos has become a friend of Bennett's. The baby brother that became playmate all of a sudden. The
"twin" that shares his clothes and steals his food when he's not looking. The brother that cries for "Bit" all the time. (that is how Amos says Bennett). The little brother that sings the spider man theme song with him: "BIDERMEAN, BIDERMEAN' doing the things a Bider can....".

What a sweet gift to have eachother in this life. i hope and pray they will always see it as a gift.


Son said...

These pictures are SOOOOO great Mandy! Love um and love the brothers these boys are to each other already!

kierstin said...

love these photos, and your reflections. such sweet boys!