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Friday, September 23, 2011


I grew up across the street from my best childhood friend, Sarah Baldwin. It was amazing having her in my life all those years. She was a soul mate. more than a sister it seemed. We looked nothing alike but made people call us "twins". She was a "tom boy" like me. We explored creeks and woods, and every facet of childhood together. We shared un-ashamedly. (ah!to be a child again...not afraid to get as close as possible to eachother). I giggled more in those years than i think i have at any other time in my life. I miss her. I miss childhood. Those memories were some of my very favorite...and will be forever. Her family and my family were close. We were inseparable and always at eachothers house. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.......until puberty and her move away to Indiana. Boo HOO.i did boo hoo. I boo- hoo- hooo-ed! We still talk, and she will always be my friend. That blessing in my life makes me excited for Bennett. I am HEAD OVER HEALS excited to be living down the block from our neighbors "The Peters". Danielle is a good friend of mine. Eric is a good friend of Kevin's. They have two little boys the same age as our boys. Ellis (4) and Monroe (2). They couldnt be more of a blessing.. We trade babysitting, we walk to eachothers' house. Lend and borrow toys. food. stories. tears sometimes. Our boys say eachother's names as much as they say ours it seems!!!! WE LOVE THEM...praise GOD for these neighbors. Ellis is one of Bennett's best friends for sure. Today the boys came over while Danielle went to hear her hubby speak at an engagement. The morning went fine. In time, my ears grew tired of hearing the boys destroy "BAD GUYS" with light saber swords. So I attempted to quiet things down a bit and organize the situation by doing this fall project i saw in Southern Living magazine. I'm such a girl. But "a tom-boy girl". This project requires a jar and paint and a candle. Jar-0-Lanterns. HA HA!!! 4 toddler boys being forced to sit and paint. It was hilarious. They actually sat (accept Amos because he has something i call "a sitting problem"). They each took turns painting the apple sauce jars orange. i was impressed for about 2 minutes....until Ellis and Bennett had to jump up and "shoot bad guys", and play "critters", and "slice -em up with light saber swords.".....
Mama finished the project and i am happy with these little Jar-o-lanterns; Happy with the memory of this day; Happy with our lot in life that sits next door to "The Peters."

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Ariana said...

TOTALLY stealing this, you clever girl. I love the way you create!