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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy 4 Years Bennett!!!!

This one is for you Bennett Davis Mann...( in case you ever want to read about your 4th birthday)

September, 7th 2007

I remember your first cry.....boy from my womb! You cried loud with independence and GOD's power was displayed! All on your own you drew breath and became separate from me. Just like that (well, 28 hours of labor and emergency C-section later.... just like that). But, there you were. and i can't remember when you weren't. Now you seem as part of me and my story, as does my arm or leg. What a gift you are! It's been awesome to spend my days with you for 4 YEARS!!!! To see you unfold slowly ..to see glimpses of your personality. What a gift these days have been..what a gift your dad has given me, working so hard so i could be home with you...( and Amos).We are getting to know you and finding you so true to your name...Bennett ( Benediction)....you are a blessing. We LOVE YOU....

At 4 years old: September 7th, 2011

You are smart. You figure things out fast. You put the puzzle pieces of life together well and ask wise questions. You LOVE to make people laugh. You TRY to make us all laugh. You have a sweet heart...thoughtful and mindful of other's feelings. You are ALL BOY...adventure and power. You love to wrestle, fight and pretend. Yet, you love to curl up to mama. Your cuddling has increased with each year. You used to not love to cuddle. You can get dirty but like to be clean. You follow rules ( it seems so far).You are a GREAT helper. You are pretty moody and particular. A "tortured artist" your preschool teacher called you. You think deep. Imagine big and play hard.You play well with others but love to play by yourself. You are good one on one. Your best friends are "Dylan", "Ellis", and "Emmy" from church, and "Henrietta", " Misha" and "Jasper" from school. Music moves you...esp beats and rhythms.
Your attention span for art projects, and coloring, drawing and reading books is sorta small ( at this point at least). Your attention span for imaginative play is HUGE...


mallory said...

Happy birthday sweet Bennett. Come see us

Ariana said...

Yay! Happy Birthday B!