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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Little snap shots

I want to start learning how to take better pics...practice and research and FEEDBACK may help i hope.These are a few pictures i got to take of The Burden family ( minus one...Dave the daddy who was at work). This is Emily, Hudson (5) and Parker (3). They are adorable, sweet, and active boys to try and capture by camera. Some pics are the same ones, but just different coloring/effects

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Ariana said...

Very sweet! Your aperture setting was great for some of these. Nice blurred out background, so you get a wash of color rather than random background stuff. I like!
My rules for photos are as follows:
1. Never use the flash. Ever.
2. Details over big picture, i.e. closeups, toes, etc.
3. If I really want the big picture, frame it some other way than straight on. From above, from below, from the side, off center etc.
4. Wait for the shot, but take lots in between, since digital is practically limitless. Kids make awesome faces if you just wait. Which I know you already know from your great pictures of the kids.

Great job!