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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Welcome November!

Welcome November....i feel ready for you. Let October float away with it's windy orange and reds....let busyness fall to the ground. November, I feel ready for you. You turn cold and gray. like an old, wise soul beckoning us to cover up and slow down. We inhale deep, and pace to the slower rhythm of a resting heart rate. Pulse.......pulse..... pulse. i see the chest rise up and down. i hear the breath inhale..then out. November, i welcome you.
Come yellow leaves that crunch under feet..feet that pace slower but deep. Deeper into leaves, deeper into thought, deeper into homes lit up with light. Push Push away the night...deeper into homes with feasts celebrating need. The need for each other. The need for Light.
Come strings of light on front porches...come thankful hearts that also hurt. Humanity living together under roofs.
Come pumpkin, maple, cinnamon flavored things....spice and warmth in my hand... in my drink
Welcome November circling wind and chill...the rain that falls and fills. Sometimes so cold it turns to floating white....hushing quiet the sky.


Lora said...

beautiful!! and i love that photo too. :)

Joanne said...

Lovely....really lovely. You are so gifted, Mandy.

Mandy Robinson said...

Loved this, Mandy!

david, kelly & sam said...

this is so so beautiful mandy. love you so much!!!