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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy 35th Birthday, Kevin

Here is our small group: Kellie, ( Jeremy is on the road playing drums), Talitha, Billy, Charla, Dave, Emily, Hal, Tiffany, Paul, Kevin, me

Ah horses! I love em'. Kevin loves em. i guess i don't know many who don't love horses. There is something majestic about them. There's something about looking eye to eye with a large animal and then RIDING it! My horse was brown with white patches named "Patches". Kevin's horse kicked all the other horses and was named "Stormy". Kevin turned 35 in October and our small group planned a horseback riding trip in his honor. It's been hard in this coffee drinking, philosophic thinking town to do much of what makes Kevin's soul sing. Music is here; YES!!! but he misses all things active and full of energy..things athletic, things OUTDOORS. Our small group agreed. We all needed to play again. Without our children. We needed to feel adventure, feel fear and awe outside windows and doors, we needed to step out of comfortable homes and up onto horses...to be carried by the weight of something larger than us,rather than us carrying weight and obligations. If even just for 2 hours. We needed time to ride through yellow sunlit woods and leave cares on open fields...to run with the horses..to hear laughter come up from our own souls... We needed a change of scenery. WE needed each other. We needed our families and babysitters too. Kevin and i were blessed to have my parents come visit and watch our kids....we were blessed to ride horses with our friends. Amist this season of tending to little sheep. MAN! Parenting is HARD!. We sensed God's grace. i sensed the verse to be true that says..."GOD gently leads those who have young.." i felt that on my horse named "patches"...that gentle leading. I think Kevin felt it too...maybe we all did. Happy 35th Birthday, Kevin.

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