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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Yesterday was all blue sky and puffy white. Warmth and kind wind. Whispering hello then leaving again. playful blue and happy white...
But not today........ The gray came after the blue...
Gray filling up clouds too proud... pride came tumbling down.... pounding rain..waking weary sleepers in dark midnight hours. Early birds wake and tell mama "I'm hungry".
We make cereal and watch cartoons. Daddy helps dress ...one foot, then two. and i make the lunches and sing

"rain, rain go away...little johnny wants to play"

Amos cries and throws tantrums despite efforts...Bennett joins in that fun. We get them strapped into the car one by one. Off to school.
They are tired little birds. We are tired too...

Nevertheless..Off to work ..off to school ..off to errands despite the pull i feel towards YOU.
Long drive in warm rain, cold is pushing it's way through again. old gospel hymns and preacher man calls me to remember.
i remember. I can feel that tug..i am turning my gaze, my heart that way. Amidst errands I turn to YOU. Nothing else will do today. i can feel it becoming that way.

You Mighty One, Your pull is steel blue strong....the rain will pass on...and again I will see.

"rain rain go away...come again another day"

Tour the new school, pick up kids.."Hello-goodbye" to friends. so much on my heart..
sign up "parent -teacher" chart
Bennett dresses up like spider man and simply will not change ...."very well then"...
Back at home...i try to clean. Mama bird is being mean. i recompose..i fight to gaze the right Way.
Restaurant waiting time is long. We wait with brother-in-law. Spider man's tummy growls
Restless toddlers, cheese dip falls, conversations attempted, bathroom stalls..
Let's go home now.

Blue lights flash behind ..mama ran the light red. Today will do all it can.. Where was my gaze then? I am sad i ran red.So sad i put little birds in harms way. Are You The Mighty One today?
Officer with flashlight...stern harsh voice asking things..tears fall in the rain. $50 less to my name.
Today will do its best.

"Home again home again jiggity jig...." little tantrum-ing birds finally all tucked in..

i am here thinking it all through again as the clock strikes 12...and this day ends...

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