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Monday, November 28, 2011

My lovely sister Amy

Amy and Scott

The family

Brother and Sister


AMy and Mason

Mason and Scott with their dog "Hannah"

She is something wonderful; this big sister of mine. Amy has always been a light in my life. Giving encouragement, ideas and help. A fan. She was like a second mama to me... taking good care of me. Except when she wouldn't share her toys or let me pal around with her friends. ( i have a cut on my finger to prove that one..haha inside family joke)..and she'd get mad when i wore her brand new clothes before she did. I mean.."come on, Amy!". She is beautiful and smart. I mean REALLY smart and beautiful ( inside and out). I guess you can't be smart on the outside, but you can look it. And she does. She does Yoga...and can instruct it of course. She's cool to be around. She's not normal. She's AB-normal...Capital A and B. In a good way. I was always abnormal in a weird way. Capital A and B! So this was enough to make a little sister jealous. Truthfully though, she and my parents did a good job of encouraging me enough so i didn't grow up too jealous. I had a role model....she had a shadow. The differences we had ...we learned to dance in. Now as i grow up, i realize we are not AS different as we thought. And so, that means if she is wonderful, than i am kinda wonderful too.....just kidding. Amy loves her family. She took such good care of her baby dolls growing up...that i knew she'd be a good mama to humans. She is a good mama. and sister and daughter. She is a teacher. She is a giver. i Love my sister.....She is a good one.
( she is also the reason i'm taking pics these days. i am aware that i have a LOT to learn...these pics are kinda bright.

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carolineb said...

I love the one of Ashlyn especially. It tells a beautiful story.

Funny, the word verification is "mencill". It's what you people use to write with.