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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Repeat the Sounding Joy....Repeat the sounding joy...

I guess i would say i'm in the Christmas Spirit this year. There has been enough space alloted, enough time given ( God bless my husband and dad who watched the kids) to take a deep breath and inhale Christmas. i can feel the little twinkling of light in my heart. It's more like L-E-D light....dim, but lasting. I needed God to lead me by green pastures ( or open skies in the airplane) and still waters ( quiet space with no kids) to begin to enjoy it this season. Maybe too, it's because my mom put together a girls trip to New York where we got to see Christmas decorations sparkling in windows, where the Rockett's proclaimed Christmas with dancing legs and Nativity Scenes., where presents were bought for others. Maybe it's because my boys are getting to the point of understanding; Or because old hymns invite me to remember to: "repeat the sounding joy..repeat the sounding joy, repeat...repeat...the sounding joy. Joy to the world, The Lord is come..let earth receive her king." Around my house there are twinkling lights because of it, candles light up against dark windows, Christmas pine aroma..stockings hung. Of course its not all twinkling lights and candy canes around here. The stomach bug is visiting us now. Amos is sleeping off a vomit filled morning while i race against time to write. Stress seems to barge into every happy moment i have making it's home in my face that scrunches up too often, i am MORE THAN less enjoyable to be around... Lots of the time....YIKES. We are spending WAY too much money, and i feel certain the checkout workers can hear my heart pounding when i hand them our debit card.
But alas.....10 more days till Christmas! i need to "repeat the sounding joy ...repeat that sounding joy...repeat .repeat the sounding joy". "Santa" is able to come to our house because of Christ's love... even if he couldnt make it down our chimney this year ...still Christ's love. I breathe and have three beautiful boys that breathe under my roof because of Christ's love. If i was alone....even still it would be Christ's love. I whisper to myself..."repeat, repeat the sounding joy".

The small twinkles in my heart....the brief spaces of time alloted have allowed me to create.......ah! i LOVE TO CREATE!!!!. Here are a few creations....a few heart stirrings with the CHRISTmas spirit...

May you have a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS and take time to "repeat the sounding joy"......
Mom, Amy, Ashyln and i in Times Square

I got to meet Elmo and Cookie monster

Amy, Mom and Ashy at the top of the world

Tall buildings

Windows decorated

And New York just wouldnt be the same without the "Naked cow boy"...relax..he had his underwear on.

Little Mason Jars filled with little cookies

Christmas wreath made of green wrapping paper...:easy to do..just cut lots of strips and curl them, then glue or staple to a wreath you can make from card board

Stockings made from old sweaters

presents wrapped

Pictures i enjoyed taking

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