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Sunday, December 18, 2011

For now, i can fix it....

Little bumps and little hurts. Little hands reach up for me...."Holdchu...Holdchu...mommy".
For now i can scoop you up and kiss away tears. For now i can fix it.
Oh, chubby bundle in my arms....i'll "holdchu..holdchu" as long as you'll let me.
Too soon you wiggle away...on with your day, on with exploring ...
moving away..moving away.. from dependence .
But when the world is too large, too scary....too much , too soon. You come back...
"Holdchu...holdchu mommy". you cry
and yes i will....I'm only steps away.
Little toy breaks and tears start to fall, for now i can fix it.
Little tired boy with binky and blanky crying for rest....i can fix it.
Grumbling tummy, feelings that hurt, nose that is runny, growing in spurts, for now i can try to fix it.
Your world is these rooms, this mommy and daddy, this Bennett brother, this dog.
Too soon you will grow past these walls and this place where i can easily run to reach you .....
and try to fix it.


Joanne said...

So very true, Mandy! This time will pass by so quickly. Enjoy the ride! Stop and thank God for these moments even in the midst of the stress. So many demands. So much needing. So much giving of oneself. But it is all a dear dear gift. You write so beautifully. And I love your photos of all these lovely people in your life. Have a sweet Jesus Christmas! You make me cry. And you make me laugh.

amy griffith said...

i never check blogs anymore, never. but i did tonight and I AM THANKFUL to read this. i needed to read it, to be encouraged by it, to be reminded of it! they are about to be 2!!!! thanks mandy!