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Friday, January 13, 2012

10 Happenings

A lot happens round' these parts....but i mostly blog only when the creative juices are flowing. Today they arent flowing, but i just want to write down what's been happening..

1. Bennett has been giving up naps. i love this little man, but Mama has to find creative ways to get sanity and rest during the day. Today i had Bennett play with his truck in remnants of snow...while i jumped rope and threw the ball with our dog in between catching my breath. I took the boys to the YMCA this morning to do my Friday Zumba dancing ( which truly makes me smile, laugh, get in shape, and feel normal again).....but alas, Bennett cried the whole time and i couldnt leave him in the nursery. So we just played together. A date.
2. Speaking of dates....i plan to take Bennett to see his 3rd movie ever in a Theatre on Monday... BEAUTY AND THE BEAST 3D. I get to go with one of my young life girls, Kat, that moved up here and we've become better friends.
3. Speaking of friends. One of my very best friends, Charla, packed up her beautiful family and moved to St. Louis a few days ago. The Cerveny's were a close part of our lives here in Nashville for about 10 years!!! They are heading to seminary. I know GOD has good things in store....but alas, my heart is deeply missing them ...and will continue to. Missing them seems to swell up in my heart from time to time and pour out my eyes. I never know when it will happen. When i'm watching Friday Night Lights, at the grocery store, talking with someone else..etc. There is noone like Charla. I miss her. Seems like GOD keeps moving my best friends away from here. Boo hoo.
4. Kevin remains leading worship for our church Midtown Fellowship...He does a great job, and it's using so many of his talents. He is walking with such great men.The church and community are slowly teaching me that we "ARE" the church. We dont just "ATTEND" church. I can honestly say this is the first time in my life where i BADLY WANT to go to church every Sunday and get sad if i miss it. The people around us are friends...not just people. Our church just spilt in two since it was growing too large for tight community. We lost some really great members in that transition. Another loss. There is a season for every activity under the sun. a time to gain and a time to loose. I feel like i'm in a season of loosing.
5. We are still loving our small group of 3 years now. Meeting every other Thursday and it's been nothing short of a gift. If GOd changes this on us in the next year....i think i will have a fist fight prayer session with Him.
6. Speaking of fist fights. Amos is a feisty little fellow. He and Bennett have already hit eachother. WITH FISTS!! oh my. My nickname for Amos is " " LIttle HORNET'.....because he gets mad like a hornet...and he gets mad FAST! He doesnt go down without a fight.....and i mean fight. He swings punches at mommy and whomever is not letting him have his way. He is getting used to the time out chair. He is smart and LOVES CRITTERS ( like my dad does). Anything alive, he is fascinated by. He has such wonder and delight going on in his eyes and heart. I am in love.
7. I am in love with Kevin...more and more with time. He has SO many amazing qualities still unfolding. He is patient with me...never harsh. ( or if he is...i know i've REALLY MESSED UP) ha ha. He works so hard for us....Church and real estate. 2 almost full time jobs. UG! i wish i could help financially and am praying towards that.
We celebrate 10 years in May and we are hoping to go to Mexico perhaps??? this keeps changing...but that's is what we are hoping for as of today...
8. I hope to begin a recycling business....., take pictures for people....and keep working on music whenever i can. These are dreams in my heart....they may not come to fruition...but at least im dreaming again.
9. There is a season for every activity under the sun....a time to mourn and a time to dance. YAHOO...tonight Kevin and i are gonna dance. Well, I will. Kevin doesnt like to dance. It's The Jars of Clay POST-emptive New Years party, and i'm excited to ring in the New YEAR.(late) with some friends and some wine and my man.
10. " a blee....a blee.....a bleee...that's all folks"


carolineb said...

love love love

The Morginskys said...

oh i miss you friend. wish for coffee and sharing our hearts. i still consider you a kindred spirit. xoxo