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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Beauty and Mess of the morning

I woke up wanting to capture the day with camera. The beauty ...and the mess that goes before and behind it. (inspired by Flo Oakes blog...which was great. i dont know her..but i saw her blog posted on facebook.) any whey.....

I only got the chance to capture the morning...

Beauty: A black lab on white carpet
Mess: Black hair stuck in white carpet

Beauty: The boys pretending to read together
Mess: This event happens after we watch WAY too much T.V. this morning

Beauty: Amos wants to look at more books
Mess: He falls off the stool after i take this photo

Beauty: This old home came with the most beautiful chandeliers in it

Mess: This old home is settling and some walls are cracking..YIKES

Beauty: We have a new family member ..blue and beautiful named "Rocks"
Mess: Mama has one more thing to clean

Beauty: Naked boy from shower ( so cute)
Mess: His hand is in the fish bowl

Beauty: Nouvelle candle burning "Crepe Myrtle"...( best smell ever)
Mess: Burned to cover up poopy diaper smell

Beauty: Little boy fresh from the shower...dressed and ready for story time at Library
Mess: Little boy throws major tantrum in car to the library wanting his itchy sweater off

1 comment:

Ariana said...

Ah yes. So lovely. So messy. The life of all of us, really. Thank you for sharing.