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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I miss the Song

( Photo by Carrie Buell)

Always the song has been in my heart. When i was little..I sang most in wide open spaces, before blue stretches of ocean, or on long boat rides, or any place where the wind would catch my hair and lift my heart enough for the song to soar. My heart was so full and free. Now Amos does the same. It makes me smile...He is so unhindered and free to sing whatever is in his little 2 year old heart. For me, it seems the worries of the world have stollen my song. I sometimes get startled when i sing. ...when i hear my voice flow out and around like a dance. like the wind.....a song. ....it shocks me. My heart isnt tender to sing out..and so it seems forced to sing..it's so rare these days.
Nevertheless and just because, i have had gentle reminders that i am a singer. That i love it..and that's all it needs to be. Nothing more and nothing less. ...the song is still within and resting deep.

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