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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Creations this Christmas

I can't stop creating lately.. This coming after many years of "creative dormancy". It's a welcomed nagging force inside me.  The desire to create, the chance to create, the time to create is making me happy. So i'lI take it, and enjoy it while it lasts.

1. The first creation was a song. A Christmas jingle that i couldn't get out of my head. it was always in my head, and it seemed i couldn't put it to rest until it was recorded.  So i pressed hard to bring it to fruition, which wasn't easy at ALL. ( for me....these things take time and money i dont really have) But, man!, i felt the deep desire to bring it to reality. The awesome Mitch Dane carved out some time...and did a great job producing it, and then i pitched it to commercials. Though it didn't make it on a commercial...it was SO fun to create .

It's called "That Time of Year" and is available on cdbaby.com for your listening pleasure if you so desire....

2. Speaking of "That Time of Year". I've been a busy elf in the Christmas Spirit creating home-made gifts for neighbors, friends, family, and teachers....

                                                              Mason Jar snow globes!

                                                     ( best created with friends by your side)

                                           These were introduced to me by my friend Kellie Lutito.
                                                           Martha Stuart introduced them to her:

                                                               1.  Mason Jars, or old glass jars
                                                               2. Distilled water
                                                               3. Glycerin soap to make glitter move slower
                                                               4. Glitter
                                                               5. Glue
                                                               6. Figurine of choice

                                              Rudolf The Reindeer cookies for Classmates

Christmas mix cd's for friends...

                                         Dondon's wonderful hot chocolate mix in Mason Jars.

3. Speaking of creating!! That beautiful table above was made by the talented Kevin Mann. 
He worked hard on our "farm table" throughout the summer during free time...and this Christmas we finally have it put together, sanded, stained and DONE!! I am SO thankful for it, and look forward to all the meals with the boys on it. 

4. Book wreathes made out of old book pages...

Also, those roses up top are fun to put on top of white Christmas packages with white ribbon.

5. Burlap Christmas Trees

6. Tomorrow we will smoke our first Turkey for a dinner with our small group....(13 pounds)

Bourbon smoked Turkey

Brine for 24 hours in :
Oranges, apples, peppercorns, garlic, apple cider, rosemary, thyme, sugar and salt

Smoke with wood chips soaked in burbon for 9 hours

( Let it be said that these "creations" occurred in a big span of time...and many of those times were filled with  children whining in the background  while too much money was being spent, laundry being neglected etc. etc.    ha ha)

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