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Thursday, February 14, 2013

My 3 year old boy

Happy Birthday Amos! For 3 years now you have been wooing our hearts deeper in love with you.

Here are some of the things i love about you: These may be blessings in your life and curses. May you end up learning how to use these gifts for good! WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!! YOU ARE A GIFT!

1. I love how you whisper the secret in my ear...."i wuv you ever"..and i reply back " i love you forever". Then right after that you tell me another secret..." Booty Booty Poopy"...or make a farting noise loud in my ear.

2. You are a passionate soul....you "WUV" some things deeply ( like your brother and even if i'm putting your brother in time out for hitting you...you will run up to me and hit ME! for disciplining your brother!. YOU ARE LOYAL.. You say you "HATE" some things right now like "school", and "going to church", and "going to bed".......or anything you dont want to do or eat....or anyone who makes you mad.

3. I love how you snuggle and let us snuggle you.

4. I love your love for creatures. Like your Grandpa...any living creature seems to intrigue you. 

5. You are like a teenager in a 3 year old body. Moody at times, low voice calling for "MAMA!...MAMA" ...or answering me in a sassy way when you're in a foul mood. Like when i ask you what you did at school today. You snip back at me  and say  "ANYTHING".. ( which means "nothing")

6. I love your wide mouthed laugh. You and your brother laugh a lot. i see all your teeth when you laugh and it makes me happy.

7. You need to wrestle every day. You seem like a good athelete.

8.  You have a good little singing voice and love to learn songs. You already know your ABC's.

9. You are VERY INDEPENDENT.  You want to dress yourself and fix things. You want to brush your teeth by yourself too...look at this cute body!!!!

10. You are a TOUGH fellow....usually a kiss from mama or papa ( or apple juice) makes all things better.

11. You are very animated. Your eyes widen as you tell stories and your voice gets real staccato and low.

12. I love when you sleep ....you slightly stick your tonque out.

13. I love that you have a best friend! Even though it seems you don't make friends too easily..you are cautious with who you let in your heart....: I'm SO glad Monroe Peters made it into your little heart...and glad your girlfriend at school "Gus" did (..she is pretty but has a guy name ..i always joke that if yall were a couple....you'd be "Gus" and "Amos".....too funny)

14. I love that you asked me specifically for THIS birthday cake: Luke Skywalker Angry Bird

There is so so much i love about you, my child, and not enough time to count the ways on this blog....i shall come back and write more later....

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