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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Amos!!!

Amos,  I love you so. For your birthday day i wanted to give you the moon and stars....to reach as high as i could and capture wonder and light, to wrap it up and seal it tight for only you to open. Or give you the ocean deep, wide and blue, with all  it's teeming creatures. They certainly would dazzle your curious eyes.  Maybe give you the beach with its sandy arms open.....stretching vast on each side, giving you  space to run. Space and place full of sun to soak deep. Yes, the warmth could express my love?  Maybe sand between toes ...textured warmth as you walk and shells to pull up to your ear. Can you hear the roar inside? it steadily whispers that "mama loves you"? Or maybe snow ! Yes! a covered white mountain climbing up to the sky past what your eyes strain to see. In the quiet hush of white falling snow, would you feel loved and small?

 You will always be my little boy and you will always be loved. Remember this as the days go by and years pull you from mama's embrace: that i will always want to scoop you up, my 4 year old Amos boy, now and forever and hold you tight as we move through this wonder-filled world.

We asked you what you wanted for your birthday, and all you wanted was "MONROE and Ellis" and "lots of toys". Your best little friends and few simple toys. Well, your wish was our command.

Monroe and Ellis Peters came over for a spend-the-night party themed "under the sea". Their parents got a date night while we "partied" in style. Daddy wrapped lots of gifts (Bennett quickly made up the rule that you guys share ALL toys. And you being a great sharer agreed to that). You really wanted a "boomerang , Shark for the bathtub, ninja turtle phone, lego battle droids like Bennett, dinosaur stuffed animal" and things of that cuteness. Ellis and Monroe brought you trashie packs and legos. Perfect. We decorated the house with shark and jellyfish. i made you an AWESOME shark cake. ( Well, as awesome as this young baker could do last minute). The entrance to our kitchen was decorated with BIG teeth looking as if you were walking into a sharks mouth.  It was my small way of giving you the world.....
We played a live version of "hungry hippo" which daddy called "hungry whale" with a bunch of balloons... and ended by watching Finding Nemo. You guys giggled yourselves to sleep. Monroe and Amos on the bottom bunk together and Ellis and Bennett on the top together. Too funny.

Happy birthday My Little Amos boy....

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