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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cute Little Comments

I have been collecting some of Bennett and Amos' comments throughout the year. ADORABLE..and must be recorded. Here they are:

Amos' 3 year old comments:

1. You say "eggsigid" for "excited"
2. You say "Kerprise" for surprise
3. You get your pronouns mixed  up and say "Sher did it" for "She did it"...combining the word She and Her. You say sentences like "Mom! Shers wearing blue."
4. You say your favorite color is blue
5. The other day you told me that you want to be a football player that rides a motorcycle ( ah the safest words a mom can hear).
6. You say "Rhinocersoar" for "Rhinoceros"...
7. " Mom! wouldnt it be funny if we hit a bad guy in the penis? I dont think bad guys are real." To which Bennett replies. "Yes, they are...they live in New York"
8. One day you sucker punched Kevin in the penis on accident and as Kevin fell on the ground in pain i told you to kiss daddy and say sorry. Amos replied " I cant" and i replied "yes you can" and you said " i cant give daddy a kiss on the penis" We replied "yes, that's correct ..no kissing on the penis"
9. You say "licetricity" for " electricty"
10.  Your best friend is Monroe Peters. You seem happiest around him, and come alive in a unique way with him. One day he told you to stop being a "copy cat" and you replied. "I'm not a copy cat, i"m a copy boy."
11. You say "nim-chucks" for  ninja "num-chucks".
12. When climbing a tree he said "Look mom this is dirty so it won't break." I finally understood he meant "It's sturdy".
13. You say "It's gooder than that"
14. You are pretty shy
15. One time you were having a hard time pooping and you said "This poo poo has wolverine claws"
16. One day you said "Mom, what flies, and is not an animal and we never went in one before?" i said "what?" and you replied "an airplane".
17.  Amos calls bras "boobie wear"
18. In chuys one day, you had to go to the bathroom and had diahrea. You talked incessantly through it while publicly pooping..which made me laugh. Aftewards you said " i dont have to wash my hands" and i said "yes you do" and you said "oh yeah, i pointed my penis down"....( the lady washing her hands next to us giggled)
19. Once i was getting ready in the mirror and you said "Mom, you're done getting pretty" and turned off the lights.

Bennett's cute Kindergarten comments:

1. "Today, i was thinking in my mind"
2.  " Mom , you're obsessed with your phone"
3.  You mix up your "th" and "f" sounds. So you'd say things like "One, Two Three, Thor, thive"
4.  " I thorgot" instead of "I forgot"..."threezing" for "freezing"
5.  You say "Mines" instead of "mine"
6. "Aminal for animal.
7. Bennett says "Hornk" for "Honk"
8.  After Amos' stitches at the lake...waking up in the tent together i hear Bennett wake and see Amos' stitches for the first time and say ( in loud whisper talk) " Amos, you look so cool! You look like a tough guy."
9. My 38th birthday with the Peters at Arrington Vineyards at night...Bennett runs to the fields down by the vineyards singing to The Lord by Himself something about not being afraid of the dark..Trust in God. He was so moved by his time singing with God, he even began to cry...Just he and The Lord for about 30 min. He would tell Ellis not to be afraid of the dark...as Ellis would run back and forth giving us updates while we picniced up closer to the house. What a beautiful moment we got to be part of!
10. You say "Hallowing" for "Halloween"
11. You are beginning to read. What a joy to see.
12. You say "Chapster" for "chapter"
13. Bennett after seeing what work it was to re do our kitchen floors said  on a car ride..." look at all the buildings..it took so much work to build them. i don't want to be a worker when i grow up. I'd never get to play and ill never see my kids."
14.  When he sings the song "Mr. Sandman" he says "Mr. Sandman bring me a tree" instead of "bring me a dream"
15. Bennett lost his first tooth ( bottom front left) at the Moaks apartment wrestling with Amos. Age 6. You asked me if daddy put the money under your pillow.
16. Instead of "Bonfire" you say "Bomb fire"
17. As Bennett and Amos laid on the couch together watching a movie while i ran around the house cleaning  Bennett yells "mom, shouldn't you be making dinner?"
18. Sometimes i'm seen as the bad guy..making you bathe, do homework, hair cuts, clean up etc....you've said "you stop all the fun, i never got to have a single bit of fun"
19. After school you often build tents and want to have time alone...you need privacy and rightly so after being in school so long. You often say "Everyone keeps talking to me"
20. You mimic what you see.... You play teacher when you get home, you mimic the Olympics, or music you hear...or a movie you see.
21. You are intense...a good actor, drummer, aware...sweet.
22. I have found you licking your finger and touching your boo boos when hurt. You said it's because we arent around to kiss your boo boos at kindergarten. ( almost made me cry).

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