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Friday, April 25, 2014

The beginning of "The Vader"

Our smiles and hearts were full yesterday as we embarked on our new (old) boat. We lovingly call it "the Vader". It's a sharp lookin' lil' speed boat, humble and small .  It almost feels like a toy....A fast toy with the name "invader" on the side as if forshadowing it's "invasion" into our lives. Yes, it was a happy change that came into our family with speed.

 I grew up with a boat and loved those memories with my family. Kevin and i often dreamed about owning one. So from time to time..we'd say a prayer for one.  A wild half hearted prayer. One of those dared prayers that surface from your heart like a simple muttering of words. God is the good Father that remembers these utterings when time erodes them and they are forgotten in the recesses of your heart. He is the giver of good gifts....so we ask.....All the while knowing that our best is not always what we ask for.

Kevin found the boat on Craigs List and for some reason this time of dreaming felt different. It felt like an idea to actually be entertained.

We've known that the worries of the world will ask for all our money. The bills complain,  the debts remind, the savings account whispers hungry words like "hiding place" and "security",  the needs of others i hope i always hear with ears eager to listen and with hands eager to help. But i am learning that i hear my name as their giver...my coins as their answer.....i am learning to let God be their ultimate provider. and ask When and where i am to help.  God seemed to be teaching us something new as well with this boat. Something about living instead of "saving". Something about playing instead of refraining....There is a time and season for every activity under the sun and so this time.......we went to look at the boat.

Long story short, we bought it.  The Vader didn't work when we first put it in the water. Nor the second time . The motor woudn't go into gear and needless to say we were sad. At one point Kevin ( in boat) almost drifted into the houseboats that sat proud to the side,  our humble "vader" was being pushed by wake and wind until a ranger towed us the few feet back to shore. We imagined the restaurant porch dwellers near us mocking us as we failed. Hanging our heads and loading the boat back on the trailer,  we ate a somber family picnic on the boat -IN THE PARKING LOT .

But, i knew Kevin would fix it.

 and so, on a cool day in April..... attempt # 3,  The motor ran strong and proud and we were off!!! Thus it unfolds..these adventures on a boat.  With wind on our face amidst sparkling waves of water. Deep calling to deep, the way it did for me growing up. Yesterday we got the kids out of school early and took the boat out again. Smiles widened with every mile.  Kevin dove into the cold April water, we explored an island with Blue Herring nests.  We collected shells and new memories and then ate dinner at the Captains Cove-the restaurant that once held the mocking porch dwellers.....ha ha. The meal was good for our hungry happy hearts and the boys threw their french fries to the largest carp we've ever seen that circled below the dock. We felt happy. Sunkissed and windswept... It felt like a long lost friend returning to us...the happiness of this day.

Thank you God for the lil' Vader..

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Ariana said...

This makes my heart happy. So glad for your new adventures!